Why Go Solar?

Save Now, Save Tomorrow, Save Planet Earth.

Solar begins saving you money the day your system is installed by using the clean and powerful energy of the sun. That means, no filthy coal is being burned to power your home or business, no nuclear waste is being created, no greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. You’ll feel good about your decision to go solar.

We’ll tell you how you can get your system installed with no money out of pocket, and with new federal, state and local tax incentives we can even show you how to put cash in your pocket. After your system is installed and the sun begins powering your home or business, you’ll see your energy bills drop significantly for years to come.

A better question is, Why NOT Go Solar?


Hidden benefits:

Solar adds value to your home. A typical solar system in markets with the most expensive electricty rates will bring a return on your investment of up to 15% per year. You can increase this and add more value to your home when you combine energy efficiency features and Energy Star appliances with your solar system.

Your solar system will protect you against rising electricty costs for as long as you own your home.


About AES Solar

AES has been in the Electrical Contracting business for over 20 years. By partnering with the best suppliers in the business we can offer you the best technology and the most experienced team in the solar business—bar none.

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Professional Installation and Great Attitudes! These guys absolutely know what they are doing and will continue to be the solar installer on all my apartment complex's.

- Richard Brawke


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